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I remember thinking how incredibly lucky I was to land my first job after graduating from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Never would I have dreamed that I would continue working with the same company for over 35 years.  I was commuting an hour each way, every day,  and yet I still had the passion and excitement to work in the computer systems development area on such a huge variety of projects.  I was a survivor.  I truly loved my job which eventually became my whole career.

After moving from Montreal to the Greater Toronto area in 1981, when the price of housing seemed so high at the time, I took on more job responsibilities.  As time passed, I was able to successfully help our three children earn their university degrees.  Then finally at the age of 56, I was offered an amazing opportunity to retire early with a decent pension along with a respectable list of benefits. Not an easy decision to make at the time.  However, as a baby boomer, I realize now, how incredibly fortunate I was to retire this early.   Fast forward to present day, my wife and I find ourselves as “empty nesters”, with our 3 children well established on their own and now the proud grandparents of three wonderful grandkids.

I owe a ton of gratitude to my son, our youngest, who inspired me to start this blog.  My son decided to start up his own entrepreneurial business where he currently authors his own blog.  He helped me to establish this blog.  I call it a little payback, for all of those years, we as parents supported him through his early years.

Given these newly developed technical blogging skills, I too would like to give a little back. I realize that many potential retirees might prefer to read books, newspaper articles or magazines on the whole subject of retirement.  However, I am counting on more and more people being tech savvy today and willing to explore the digital media avenue through this blog.

My goal is to publish as much detailed information on the whole retirement journey as I possibly can.  There is already a lot of information published on the whole financial aspects surrounding the whole retirement question.  I do plan to share my financial plan but I would like to focus more on several other topics that many are concerned with leading up to, during and post retirement.

I am by no means claiming that the information I will be sharing is the answer to all questions and concerns.  However, some information is better than none.