Remembering the Good Times

It’s not unusual, right?  To flashback to some of the key moments of your working career.  I know I certainly did.  I remember working 48 hours straight desperately trying to meet a critical cut over date for a software release.  I remember working with a small team of 8 people where we designed, developed and delivered a first class system under budget and on time.  I remember, most of all, the feeling of total relief when we finally resolved critical problems before the computer system was scheduled to come up live the next day.  There were some real adrenaline rushes.  However, these would be followed by the next major challenge and stress maker. A lot of memories, some really tough ones, but most of all some good times.

It was not meant to be!

I even dream sometimes about what I could have done, knowing what I know now, to better resolve a conflict situation.  I also remember what I could have done, should have done and would have done if only I had been more of a risk taker.  The fact that I had a mortgage, a newborn child and a fairly secure job made the decision, to become an entrepreneur and to start up a computer consulting business, an extremely difficult one at the time.  I have absolutely no complaints about the path I chose. Being able to retire early and to live through new experiences has made it all worthwhile.

All was not lost!

The amazing thing with having children you can actually have an opportunity for a do over. As it turns out, my son, came across the same crossroads in his career.  He had to make a decision to quit his high paying technology career to become an entrepreneur.  Tough call to be sure.  As a parent you only want what’s best for your children.  Your first instinct is to be conservative but then you realize why not let him at least try.  Then there won’t be any second thoughts later on like I had.  As it turns out, my son did start up his own blog, wrote and published an eBook and developed a series of programming video tutorials for paying members.  How cool was that?  For me personally, the interesting part was that I was able to assist in the company he set up and I now find myself as the Chief Financial Officer of my son’s company.  I had found yet another part-time job to excite and recharge myself.  The opportunity to develop business plans, to discuss new product ideas and more importantly a chance for some father and son bonding.  Granted my part-time CFO job, with this start up company, was destined to be a volunteer one.  After all he is my son.

It’s great to look back from time to time but I keep telling myself there still a whole lot more living left.  We are living so much longer now and we all need to experience the “overtime period” to the fullest.



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