Is your Social Network Growing?

It’s inevitable, the more time on your hands, the more you want to reach out to people.  It’s just basic human nature to want to share stories and noteworthy experiences.  Now with all of this new instant communication technology at our fingertips, we can text, email, Skype message, Facebook message, Facebook post etc.  and always keep in touch with those who make a difference in our lives.

Sure we all made acquaintances with business co-workers and perhaps met after work for drinks to gossip.   But that was work related.  Once you leave the work place, we might manage to keep in touch with a few of these co-workers but typically that network would tend to decline over the years.  What then?  There’s always the option of retreating to the couch to hibernate.  That might work for some people, but that’s just sad!  People need to connect with people.  We need to enjoy each other’s company.  We need to smile and laugh until it we cry.

The Super Bowl

What better opportunity is there for a gathering of friends and family than hosting or being at a Super Bowl party?  With only one common objective,  to watch a football game while munching on some great food and sharing stories with a group of people.  Some people you will meet for the first time and who knows they could then be part of your growing social network.  I was at a Super Bowl party last night and despite the blowout game result, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and of course the food.

Friends and Family Forever

I have to admit that since my retirement my social network has grown exponentially.  I never realized that my work was so time consuming.  I never really made the effort to grow my social network back then.  Today, it’s so much easier to meet new people and stay connected.  However, family is always first.  It’s so important to be involved with your family and to help out whenever there is a need.  That connection has to be forever.

Moving to an Active Lifestyle Community has proven to be a game changer for making new acquaintances and new friends.  So many people, with similar interests, are willing to share their experiences.  Many are willing to mentor you and to provide guidance for new life adventures.  It’s just so amazing to me how we can open up to each other, so willingly and easily. I really cherish it.

Perhaps the best example I can share with you is how friendships can be created by simply volunteering for something.  I volunteered to set up an invitational senior men’s golf league at our local golf course.  It wasn’t a big league, only 20 players with 10 spares.  After one full season, I can truly say, it was a blast.  There’s something about a little match play competition and a group of men together.  We all had grown our social network to another level.  As spring approaches this year, our league will be expanding to 24 players with 12 spares (already a 20% growth).  Without any doubt there will be even more kidding and laughing.  Even better, more friends for life.

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