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Time to Spread the Word

You have finally decided on your best fit business idea.  You have researched it thoroughly to ensure a genuine interest exists in the market place.  Ideally your business idea is in a niche market where competition is in the low-medium range.  Now it’s time to start sharing your knowledge and experience with the world through your own blog.

What is a Blog?

As per the Wikipedia definition:

“A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first)”.

The best way to publish your most useful content is through the most popular www.wordpress.com blogging tool.  For new bloggers the WordPress tool is not only free to use, it provides numerous templates to best illustrate your specific content in a manner that is most convenient for your target audience to enjoy and engage with you.

What type of Blog Content will you Post?

Before you even begin to post your first article, you should prepare an overall plan of at least 50 topics of interest in your business niche.  Then decide how often (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) you plan to post these articles of interest.  There are so many different types of blogs.  For example, you could provide any of the following blog types:

  • Blogging.2Top 10 List Posts
  • How to Posts
  • Research Posts
  • Problem and Solution Posts
  • Case Study Posts
  • Inspiring Story Posts
  • Continuing Series Posts

You will need to give away lots of free content to have any chance of building an audience or a community of interest.   You will need to reach out to that audience in the future for potential customers of any digital information products you wish to market and sell.

What will you Name your Blog Site?

Have you been thinking of a catchy name for your blogging web site?  There are lots of web domain search sites that can be viewed to see if your site name and suffix is even available.  Once you decide on a good name, for example, www.yourblogname.com, then you will need to purchase that web domain name from a web hosting company, like www.godaddy.com.

Most host service companies will provide you with the ability to review available web domain names and provide you with the ability to select your monthly hosting service.  They also provide you with the ability to integrate directly with the WordPress framework to set up your blog seamlessly.

Your Initial Business Investment

This is the first monetary investment required in your journey to launching an online business.  Typically a domain name can be reserved for anywhere between $10-$15/year.  The hosting service for your blog content can typically be between $3-$5/month.  So the overall yearly cost of running your blog would be $46-$75/year.  An incredibly cheap investment to make for a new company startup.

Note, I have yet to mention any cost associated with setting up a legal business entity, be it a registered or incorporated company.  I would leave that until later when you decide to monetize your blog and actually start to make any income through the sale of digital information products, affiliate marketing etc.

Setting Up Your Blog Site

Now how best to go about setting up your blogging web site on WordPress?  Again, thankfully there are lots of free video tutorials out there that will teach you step by step what’s required.  One video that I particularly enjoyed was a free one published on the www.udemy.com site.  The instructor is Mike Omar, publisher of many books on the subject of online business.  The blogging course can be viewed at https://www.udemy.com/how-to-make-a-website-or-start-a-blog-with-wordpress/.  Mike provides a very thorough step by step instructional video that any beginner will be able to follow.

You are probably wondering how Mike can provide his course for free, well that’s where affiliate marketing comes in.  You will notice that Mike is suggesting to use a specific web domain and hosting service in this video.  This is one of many domain and hosting services available.

If you decide to click on the one Mike suggests and actually purchase the service, then Mike gets a commission on that sale.  Mike has been blogging and creating digital information products for a while so he can provide some valuable lessons learned.

Time to Take Action

OK then, are you ready to start creating your brand new blogging web site and your new blogging theme?  Are you ready to start creating your very first blog posting?  It’s time to take action and to spread your words of wisdom.  Be thoughtful, be genuine, be transparent, be helpful and most of all be yourself.