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So You’re Retiring – Now What?


For some of us, retiring has been a long desired destination.  However, we all know by now, that it’s more of a journey than a destination.  I realize that retirement is not for everyone and it’s very much a personal decision on whether to retire early or as late as possible.  Now, thanks to the internet, information and knowledge can be shared instantly throughout the world.  If you are reading this blog you are one of many who have learned that knowledge is power –  power to overcome any doubts, worries, anxiety or even procrastination.  My goal is to provide you with some of that knowledge to help you on your retirement journey that can be both exciting and fulfilling.

About the Author

My name is Vance Page, as a baby boomer, I was both anxious and worried about retiring.  So many variables to think about.  Why should I even think about retirement?  How does anyone deal with it all?  When is the best time to give up your career and start a new one?  What on earth will you do with yourself?  Who can you rely on for some direction and guidance?  Where should you move to or even move at all?

Well, after retiring early at the age of 56, I have spent the last 8 years experiencing the retirement journey and believe me I am recharged.  I would like to share these experiences with you through this blog.  Hopefully, this could help relieve some of the anxiety and worry about this whole journey.  Granted my journey will be different than yours, nevertheless, it should provide you with a benchmark of what could be expected and more importantly, a very positive feeling of things to come.

What to expect from this blog

My goal is to be as transparent as possible in the upcoming blog posts.  For example, here are some of the topics on my retirement journey that I would like to share with you:

  • The early research into what’s involved in retiring
  • The financial affordability concern and how to deal with it
  • Downshifting from work life, to part-time work, to an active lifestyle
  • Golf anyone?
  • Time is your friend – use it wisely
  • Second guessing – reliving work memories
  • Fear of the unknown
  • What about downsizing?
  • Looking into Active Lifestyle Community living
  • Keeping the body moving and the mind active
  • Meeting new people, new neighbours and making friends for life
  • Volunteer to do something, anything
  • Venture into the new and challenging
  • ….and many more

I am very excited about my venture into something new and challenging through these blog postings.  So, welcome to Retire and Recharge.  Enjoy the ride!