The Retirement Countdown

As year end approaches and with the holiday season upon us, there is a huge sense of excitement in the air.  This is a time for family and friends to rejoice and reconnect.  It may also be a time when many have chosen to spend their last few days at work before they retire and recharge into that new chapter of their lives.

Trust me, the countdown to these last few days of work probably started about 365 days ago.  Some will have countdown counters set up on their workstations to remind them every day.  Nevertheless, as the “big day” approaches, there is both a sense of relief and anticipation.  It is also a very emotional time.  Co-workers have most likely planned a retirement party for you, where some over the top speeches will be heard and some excessive drinking might take place.  You will likely be coerced into making a speech which surprisingly might be easier than you think.  After all, you knew this day was coming. You would have prepared your retirement checklist and done all of your homework well ahead of time.  You’re now fully committed to this new beginning.

The Retirement Checklist

In the back of your mind, you would have double checked your retirement preparation checklist and it might have included (to name a few):

  • The post retirement budget
  • The honey do list
  • The part-time work options
  • The mind and body activities
  • The travel plans

You’re ready.  You can do this.  Be strong.

Saying Goodbye

However, saying goodbye to all of the people you worked with, some maybe for many years, is a difficult and even awkward thing for some.  Hey, even tears will be shed.  Sure there will be the promise to keep in touch and perhaps meet up for drinks every so often. But deep down you know that several ties will be broken for ever.  It’s just simply tough to say goodbye.  But the time has finally come to pull the trigger and just say it – “I’m Retired and so help me, I promise to be Recharged”.


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